The Hateful Eight (2015) Review

Published by: Anthony Wallace

hateful-eight-poster-comic-conIn what could’ve been a no deal after a script leak that left the project shelved, Quentin Tarantino returned to finish what he started. After his wildly successful ‘Django Unchained(2012), we return to the 1800s in Wyoming where Bounty Hunter John Ruth picks up a couple of strangers while in route to Red Rock. But when they stop by Minnie’s Haberdashery to fend off a snow storm, and visitors already inhabiting the place, personalities clash and their true identities may not seem who they ought to be.

Quentin Tarantino may get a lot of flack for his portrayal of the N word in many of his films or the abundant use of violence. But rest assured he’s one of the few directors who’ll push the limits and give us some great entertainment at that. Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight‘ is shot in 70mm and is the first thing to notice when opening credits hits the screen. Seeing this format is refreshing because it takes you back to the old days where seeing these types of films, like Westerns, were heavily used. Aside from the look of the film we also have to recognize the score, for instance, in the opening credits where it really sets the tone.


The performances were great with the bulk of the praise going to Samuel L. Jackson. In many ways you wouldn’t know it if from the beginning when we see Major Marquis Warren be one of the first ones to be picked up by Kurt Russell’s John Ruth. As the movie goes on you slowly begin to see Jackson’s character become more aware of the situation and attention moves away from Russell Crow. We do have to give attention to Walton Goggins who plays Sheriff Chris Mannix who was as involved with Warren when things went down. He brought comic relief to what was already a hilarious string of events.

gI7QNB9NglaxAXOXqg83MEYwS3sA lot was riding on the script because of the twists and turns that takes place in the film. With the script being leaked, and having just watched the movie, the payoff wouldn’t have been as effective. Without giving anything away, we also get a surprise appearance. Make sure to pay close attention early on cause after time passes you may forget; especially of a runtime of 163 minutes. But not paying attention can better the experience so leave it to yourselves to decide.


Compared to ‘Django Unchained‘, this movie isn’t so focused on the  violence with more attention put on the chemistry of the actors. It’s the conversations taking place throughout the movie that allows the viewer to ponder who the bad guys are. And given there are so many characters to follow, sometimes your at a loss of where the film will go next. This works to be a positive thing because as stated before, Samuel L. Jackson along with Walton Goggins, push to gain some ground on what’s actually happening in Ms. Minnie’s Haberdashery.


Some of the things that may or may not work for audiences is the pace of the movie. Once the setting moves to the Haberdashery it’s where the bulk of the time is spent. And it’s there when things slow down. The reference to the N word may still bother viewers as well just as it was in ‘Django Unchained‘. And lastly, I will say the ending to the film wasn’t as satisfying as other Tarantino films. It wasn’t the payoff I was expecting but with everything that goes on including the twists your somewhat accepting of it.

Although ‘The Hateful Eight‘ may not be as effective as some of Tarantino’s previous films you do leave satisfied none-the-less. With a great cast of Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and in a supporting role by Walton Goggins, their chemistry holds the movie together. With much to laugh about and surprises throughout, it’s an experience that one could appreciate.

Rating: 7/10


Are you planning to watch ‘The Hateful Eight‘? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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