A shadow lurks over the Oscars…


The 2016 Oscars are fast approaching and yet again there’s debate over why it’s looking predominately white. With nods leaning towards ‘The Martian‘, ‘The Revenant‘ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘, there isn’t a single nod to a black actor. After much praise over Michael B. Jordan’s performance in ‘Creed‘, a documentary over the lives of those in the NWA in ‘Straight Outta Compton‘, and Will Smith’s performance in ‘Concussion‘, not a single mentioning went towards either film. There’s now a debate over the validity of the Oscars and whether or not we recognize talent from the black community.

It’s very unnerving to see that for over the past two years and maybe even longer before that, diversity in Hollywood continues to be an issue time and time again. With up and coming actors like Michael B. Jordan it’s discouraging for young talent to fall into that trap of feeling second best. We can all agree that politics runs Hollywood and which films will get the most recognition. While smaller independent films that receives a lot of praise only is to be locked away and not to be seen or mentioned. There needs to be a change in how Hollywood respects their talent and give fair treatment to all backgrounds, man or woman, white or black.

What do you guys think? Is Hollywood giving fair treatment to all backgrounds? Share your thoughts below.

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