Dirty Grandpa (2016) Review

Published by: Anthony Wallace

MV5BMzk0NzkyNDk2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDczOTU3NzE@._V1_SX214_AL_Jason is about to get married when his grandmother passes away. His grandfather, Dick, doesn’t take to the news so easily. But when Dick asks Jason to drive him to Florida a perverted side of his grandfather comes out and gets him into unphathomable situations. The film is directed by Dan Mazer (I Give It A Year), and stars Zach Efron and Robert De Niro.

If there was any movie Robert De Niro was in that wasn’t good, this may top the cake. ‘Dirty Grandpa‘ has to be one of the worst comedies De Niro has been in for some time. There was no sanity to any of the characters; especially that of Jason’s grandfather. Zac Efron plays the grandson of Dick Kelly and is preparing for his wedding with Meredith (Julianne Hough). While on the road Jason is taken aback by the perverted side of his grandfather and wants to live to the extreme while he still can. There being so much masterbating, drug use, alcohol, and penis references it can only make someone go crazy. And that’s where the problem lies for the movie as it’s just bombarded by so much of it.


There are moments where the audience, including myself, laughed pretty hard; especially a scene where Jason wakes up on a beach and has an altercation with a kid and his parent. Towards the latter end of the film we get some closure between Jason and his grandfather as Dick wants live out the rest of his life by reliving his youth. Hence, all the chaos ensued leading up to the last 20 minutes of the movie. The movie was just filled with over the top characters who were more off putting than were actually funny. For instance, Aubrey Plaza plays as Lenore who is friends of Shadia (Zoey Deutch) and Tyrone (Brandon Mychal Smith). Lenore was looking to have sex with a professor as part of her high school promises. Enter Dick Kelly who is looking for a younger girl to have sex with and you have some of the wildest personalities from both of them.


We’ve yet to mention Zac Efron who’s performance throughout this movie was a bit out of his element. He was in ‘Neighbors‘ where he was able to pull off as a fraternity president who put his fellow neighbors through hell. In ‘Dirty Grandpa‘ he played on the opposite side of the fence. This time as the victim if you want to say since things are happening to him. Again it was an odd movie for both Efron and De Niro with very little of a script to follow.

Being over-the-top for a good chunk of the movie with very little plot to it, ‘Dirty Grandpa‘ is exactly what you expect. Definitely a pass if your looking for a good comedy as here your met with good actors in Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, but a terrible script and poor direction. You may get a good laugh here or there but not enough to make it a pleasant experience.

Rating: 3/10


What do you guys think? Are you planning to watch ‘Dirty Grandpa‘? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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