How to be Single (2016) Review

Published by: Anthony Wallace

HTBS Key ArtFrom Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema is the next romance comedy about two sisters, Alice and Meg, who try finding love in all the wrong ways. In life there are moments when we know what we want or don’t want. But when it comes to being single, you’ll never know where life will take you as these sisters find out in ‘How to be Single‘. The film is directed by Christian Ditter with stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and Damon Wayans, Jr.

Stemming from the trailers this movie looked to be a hit or a miss with more of a gut feeling moving towards the latter. Rebel Wilson is very much liked in Hollywood and by the general public especially with her involvement in the ‘Pitch Perfect‘ series. Her wit and zany personality makes for a good time as is seen in theĀ movie. The main draw going for this movie is in Rebel Wilson and is why audience goers, primarily the females, will go out to see ‘How to be Single‘.


Let’s start with the good things about the movie, as stated before, the idea of how to be single worked for the most part. There are three characters we follow, including Alice, Meg, and Josh (will be left out of the review due to spoilers). Dakota Johnson played the part of Alice and was the main focus as she battles her emotions after breaking up with her boyfriend in order to re-evaluate their relationship. Then by making acquaintances with Robin (Rebel Wilson) at a new job, Alice is introduced to the idea of just putting herself out there, literally. By the end of the movie she realizes that maybe being in a relationship isn’t something that’s good for her at the moment. However, Alice then makes the case that by not allowing oneself to meet new people can keep someone from truly making them happy.

HTBS Video 1

There seems to be a message ‘How to be Single‘ tries to convey across at a general level and is something I thought was thought provoking. Adding to that message is Alice’s sister, Meg, played by Leslie Mann who for the longest time didn’t see herself becoming a mom as she herself is a doctor who delivers babies. Those feelings soon changed as the movie rolled on thus adding to the overall narrative of taking the chances not knowing what one may be depriving themselves. Both Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson were good as their chemistry blended really well.

For Rebel Wilson, she was okay as I didn’t have much of an issue with her. The only thing I would say is that Wilson may be getting that typecast treatment of that loud mouth, in your face persona. Where she works in the movie is a head scratcher and to imagine how she would get a job with that profession is hilarious. The issue however stems with the fact that Robin was there just for the laughs and didn’t have much to do. But she was necessary to the influence of Alice and how she gets more then she bargained for.


Though the movie loses focus on occasion, a tendency to overdue the gag moments as one scene shows a college group with penis lollypops, cups, and even straws was just a little much. In the end, the movie was decent and the performances by Mann, Johnson, and Wilson were good. There will definitely be some good laughs along with some that aren’t as funny but your able to go with it.

Rating: 6/10


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