New ‘Purge’ trailer promises a Government showdown…

Published by: Anthony Wallace

the-purge-election-year-PG3_Tsr1Sht11_RGB_0128_1SM_rgbAfter a two year hiatus and a project that almost didn’t see the day of light, Universal returns with ‘The Purge: Election Year‘. Frank Grillo returns to action as this time he is part of a security team looking to protect a government official as Purge operatives look to stop anyone from ending the annual tradition (View trailer down below). The trailer looks intense as we’re looking to go deeper as to who is pulling the strings as the New Founding Fathers took over the government. Grillo’s character will surely be prepared this time as his previous Purge took him all throughout the city while almost avenging his son’s killer.

The Purge franchise took everyone by surprise as ‘The Purge: Anarchy‘ righted many of the wrongs in the original. With making over $112 million* world-wide, Universal saw another sequel happening down the road. A sequel was quickly announced when ‘Anarchy‘ finished it’s opening weekend; however, time went by when little to nothing was moving in a direction for a release. It wasn’t until Frank Grillo agreed to return to the series that a script was readily available. Now with only five months to go before ‘Election Year‘ releases that the anticipation is set.

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Source: Box Office Mojo


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