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New ‘Purge’ trailer promises a Government showdown…

Published by: Anthony Wallace

the-purge-election-year-PG3_Tsr1Sht11_RGB_0128_1SM_rgbAfter a two year hiatus and a project that almost didn’t see the day of light, Universal¬†returns with ‘The Purge: Election Year‘. Frank Grillo returns to action as this time he is part of a security team looking to protect a government official as Purge operatives look to stop anyone from ending the annual tradition (View trailer down below). The trailer looks intense as we’re looking to go deeper as to who is pulling the strings as the New Founding Fathers took over the government. Grillo’s character will surely be prepared this time as his previous Purge took him all throughout the city while almost avenging his son’s killer.

The Purge franchise took everyone by surprise as ‘The Purge: Anarchy‘ righted many of the wrongs in the original. With making over $112 million* world-wide, Universal saw another sequel happening down the road. A sequel was quickly announced when ‘Anarchy‘ finished it’s opening weekend; however, time went by when little to nothing was moving in a direction for a release. It wasn’t until Frank Grillo agreed to return to the series that a script was readily available. Now with only five months to go before ‘Election Year‘ releases that the anticipation is set.

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The Forest (2015) Review

Published by: Anthony Wallace

the-forest-2016-posterThe Aokigahara forest, located in the deep woods of Mount Fuji, is storied to be a place where people go to commit suicide when all seems lost. Sarah is on the search for her twin sister when she senses something is deeply wrong with Jess. Authorities in Japan aren’t as hopeful either. When Sarah journeys to the forest she will plunge into fear as ghosts of the dead haunt the grounds she walks on.

In his directorial debut, Jason Zada takes on the story of the suicide forest and infuses it with horror. Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer plays the twin sisters of both Sarah and Jess. When Sarah is warned about the influences the forest can have she turns her head refusing to let anything stop her from finding her sister. From the start of the film Dormer’s performance wasn’t all that terrible until she spends more and more time in Aokigahara. There came a point at the mid-point of the movie when her character became annoying by the way she handles situations. Not all is to blame on Dormer however because the movie itself was lacking from the beginning.

imagesThe movie takes its time while Sarah travels to Japan meeting with those who knew Jess. Through meetings with a school advisor and a classmate of Jess we got to understand what the locals feared. It’s strange to say but the time spent away from the forest and the mystery behind the forest was better then what we get when things go south. Interestingly enough, the backstory of a family tragedy that struck the twin sisters while they were young played a key role in closing moments of the film. Even then the execution was poor and couldn’t make up for the lack of scares or patience to get to the end.


Typically the early months of the year don’t bode well for movie-goers as it becomes Hollywood’s dumping grounds. And ‘The Forest‘ just happens to fall victim to that statement. With interest in the documentary behind the Aokigahara forest, people will venture out into theaters with expectations that match that of the trailers and stories. Unfortunately, ‘The Blair Witch Project‘ did a better job of making a more intense thriller when it came to the woods along with a superb marketing strategy. This movie will fail to match any level of terror or success as other movies had.

Rating: 4.5/10


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Image surfaces from Warner Bros. ‘The Conjuring 2: Enfield Poltergeist’…

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

CXO-q35WAAAq58AIn the next chapter of Ed & Lorraine Warren’s spiritual encounters the first photograph released by Entertainment Weekly hits the web (See Below). Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga return alongside Director James Wan as the Warrens explore a mother of four kids who are experiencing terrifying moments in their home out in England. Little can be said what the photo depicts but rest assured that little girl isn’t so calm by what she’s seeing. Even creepier is the fact that a line of crucifixes are shown in the background.


The movie is set to release June 10, 2016 and should have fans of the first Conjuring coming out in droves. Can ‘The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist‘ top 2013’s mega hit? There’s only six months to find out.

Source: The Flickering Myth