Michael’s journey back to Haddonfield takes a detour…

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What started back in 1978 and became one of cinema’s iconic franchises and follow-up sequels just lost traction with a supposed reboot of the series. After Rob Zombie’s 2009 sequel ‘Halloween II‘, there has been little movement in the studio working towards a third installment. When it was announced Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunston would scribe the next installment there were going to be a few tweaks. But since then nothing has happened and now The Weinstein Company has lost the rights to the franchise. So where does the series go from here? The future isn’t so certain.

At this point in the franchise and having been rebooted by Rob Zombie that wasn’t taken too lightly by audiences, it’s not looking too good for the fans. As much as we’d like to see Hollywood move on from the original faces of horror and bring something new to the genre more then likely studios will resurrect the old somehow some way. A delay in production could spell good news if the studio wants to get it right or will only bring doubt to those behind the series that there are no new avenues to take. Eventually we will see a sequel, prequel, or even another reboot down the line but as for now we are totally in the dark.

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The most anticipated comic book movie of 2016

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As we enter a new year we have the pleasure of looking forward to some of Hollywood’s biggest super-hero films to hit the big screen. While Disney and Marvel continues to ride on with the MCU universe in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘, DC and Warner Bros. prepares to launch what could be the beginning of one of the most lucrative battles to date. Zack Snyder’sBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ is building to be the ultimate fan favorite of 2016 when two of the biggest DC heroes shares the same screen for the first time ever! Magic could be on the horizon and history could be in the making should DC start on the right foot.

But that’s not all as other honorable mentions goes out to DC’s other known film ‘Suicide Squad‘, where some of the most violent criminals comes together to wreck havoc along-side The Joker (played by Jared Leto). Then we have Fox’s latest installment to the X-Men franchise ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ with returning director Bryan Singer. And lastly, after teases by Ryan Reynolds and leaked footage at Comic-Con that sent fans to the airwaves, ‘Deadpool‘ arrives in theaters with it’s most wanted R-rating.

What will be one of the biggest years in Comics, now is the time to vote which film is your most anticipated of 2016. Vote down below and share your thoughts.